Joint European Stable Isotope User Meeting

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The first Joint European Stable Isotope Users group Meeting (JESIUM) was organised in 2004 in Vienna. The idea behind JESIUM is to gather scientists using stable isotopes from different academic disciplines to exchange thoughts, techniques and e-mail addresses. The objective is to promote creativity by bringing together diverse ideas and perspectives, and to force fresh thinking by providing inspiration from other scientific domains. JESIUM 2004 was a great success and characterised by a culture of openness, collaboration and fun. JESIUM 2008 is being planned in the same spirit and will take place in a fantastic setting in the South of France (Peninsula of Giens), which has been specially selected to promote informal discussions, networking and meetings; and to be as family-friendly as possible.

JESIUM 2008 is being organised by the French Society of Stable Isotopes (SFIS) under the coordination of
Jaleh Ghashghaie, and will take place from the 31st August 5th September, 2008).

We will be providing an inspiring and exciting academic programme with talks from top scientists in their
field and the best of the up and coming researchers.

The meeting will be structured in such a way to promote inter-disciplinary exchange.

The goals of JESIUM 2008 will be:

1 - To discuss the role of isotopic measurements for a better understanding of

- processes of life
- ecology
- mechanisms in terms of physical chemistry, biology, circulation, evolution
- interactions within and between ecosystems and environmental compartments
- terrestrial and extra-terrestrial geologies
- human activities and practices: imprint, impact and remediation
- diagnostic and decision tools for society

2 - To stimulate discussion and reflection on the importance of quality in measurements
3 - To stimulate exchanges in Europe between non profit-making scientific societies and organisations promoting the use of isotopic measurements
4 - To facilitate the creation of a formal European Federation of Associations of Stable Isotope Users.