Joint European Stable Isotope User Meeting

Scientific Programme
Advances in the use of Stables Isotopes

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Updated August 20, 2008

Sunday, August 31 (evening)
Opening talk (evening, before the "cocktail dinner")
Philippe Ciais (LSCE CEA-CNRS-UVSQ, France)
Title: A recent acceleration in the carbon cycle: what, where and why?
Monday, September 1 (morning)

Convenors: Willi Brand (Germany), Erik Kerstel (The Netherlands), Christophe R. Quétel (France)

Keynote Speaker(s) : Manfred Gröning (IAEA, Austria)
The session will cover :
  • Recent developments in isotope ratio MS, including MC-ICPMS, GC-C-, Laser-Ablation-, and LC-IRMS
  • Novel instrumentation, in particular that based on infrared laser spectroscopy
  • Method validation, Isotopic Certified Reference Materials, Inter-laboratory comparisons
  • Estimating and reporting measurement uncertainties
Monday, September 1 (afternoon)

Convenors: Piotr Paneth (Poland), Richard Robins (France), Frans Stellaard (The Netherlands)

Keynote Speaker(s) : Dale A. Schoeller (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
The session will cover :
  • Metabolism and metabolic networks
  • Intra-molecular isotope distributions
  • Energetics and partitioning by animals
  • Human health and nutrition
  • Emerging models and integration
Tuesday, September 2 (morning)

Convenors: Daniel Epron (France), Howard Griffiths (UK), Cristina Máguas (Portugal), Rolf Siegwolf (Switzerland)

Keynote Speaker(s) : Graham Farquhar (ANU, Australia)
The session will cover :
  • Isotopic fractionation during physiological processes in plants (including cryptogams)
  • Net ecosystem CO2 and water exchange: partitioning in component fluxes
  • Impact of isotopic fractionation during physiological processes: Scaling from leaf to ecosystem
  • Nitrogen and water uptake in plant communities (including effects of biodiversity)
  • Water Use Efficiency and C:N allocation of plants
  • Tree rings and other plant archives: links to iso-ecohydrology
  • Representation of isotopes in ecophysiological models from leaf to ecosystem scales
Tuesday, September 2 (afternoon)

Convenors: Pascal Boeckx (Belgium), Gerd Gleixner (Germany), Pascal Riera (France)

Keynote Speaker(s) : Evelyn Krull (CSIRO, Australia)
The session will cover :
  • Soils and the autotrophic - heterotrophic continuum
  • Soil organic matter turnover
  • Linking microbial ecology and biogeochemistry via isotopes
  • Food webs in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
  • Isotopes as GPS: migrations and provenance of plants, animals and their products
  • Emerging models and integration
Wednesday, September 3 (morning)

Convenors: Iñaki Vadillo (Spain), Jean-Luc Michelot (France), Uli Ott (Germany)

Keynote Speaker(s) : Bernard Marty (CRPG, Nancy, France)
The session will cover
  • Hydrology (atmospheric water, surface water, groundwater, human impacts on water sources)
  • Geology (geophysics and geochemistry)
  • Extra-terrestrial matter: cosmochemistry
  • Global change Iso-tracers (different organisms and biogenic substances as tracers of global change)
  • Regional to global models
Wednesday, September 3 (afternoon)
Social programme
Excursion (in the afternoon)
Conference dinner (in the evening)
Thursday, September 4 (morning)

Convenors: Juha Karhu (Finland), Joël Savarino (France), Jürgen Schleucher (Sweden)

Keynote Speaker(s) : Julia Lee-Thorp (University of Bradford, UK)
The session will cover
  • Climatology
  • Isotopic networks (IAEA: GNIP, MIBA; NOAA)
  • Data assimilation and inverse modelling,
  • Global circulation modelling
  • Reconstruction of past climate
  • Archaeology
Thursday, September 4 (afternoon)

Convenors: Stela Cuna (Romania), Carsten Fauhl-Hassek (Germany), Claude Guillou (Italy), David Widory (France)

Keynote Speaker(s) : Tom Bullen (USGS, USA)
The session will cover
  • Tracking and apportionment of pollution sources (water, air, soil), strategies for remediation
  • Diagnostic tools in medicine
  • Detection of doping practices in sports and of growth promoters in livestock
  • Detection of illegal trafficking of goods and products; Food authenticity
  • Forensics
Friday, September 5 (morning)

Convenors: Roland Bol (UK), Nina Buchmann (Switzerland), Deborah Hemming (UK)

Keynote Speaker(s) : Dan Yakir (WIS, Israel)
The session will cover
  • New labelling and analytical techniques
  • New concepts: Isotopomics; Isotopic landscapes; isoscapes; etc
  • Isotopologues and intramolecular measurements
  • New labelling, improving real-time and in-situ isotope measurements and new analytical techniques
  • Scaling up in isotope studies
  • Modelling of isotope data from molecular to global
  • Global circulation modelling
  • Round table discussion
Friday, September 5 (after the lunch)
The end of Meeting