Joint European Stable Isotope User Meeting

Objectives of JESIUM 2008

Over the past few years, many successful meetings have been organised in Europe at national and international levels by groups who have a particular focused interest in stable isotopes. While these meetings (including those organised by national societies and EU-funded networks) have proven to be highly successful in providing a discussion forum for specialists within their discipline, they do not lead to wider cross-fertilisation of ideas and discussions of stable isotope technology and research on a broader scale.

To fulfill this need the first Joint European Stable Isotope Users group Meeting (JESIUM) was organised in 2004 in Vienna by Rebecca Hood-Nowotny with the participation of the Stable Isotope Network Austria (SINA). The objectives of JESIUM 2004 were:

  • to bring together scientists with a broad range of interests in stable isotopes
  • to encourage communication across disciplines and country boundaries
  • to provide the opportunity to discuss theoretical and methodological difficulties
  • to exchange ideas about how techniques might be transferred to other areas of research

These objectives were very successfully achieved in a meeting that gathered approximately 170 participants, mostly from Europe but also from Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Russia and the USA, and stimulated the active participation (sponsorship) of about 20 companies. During a discussion group-meeting in JESIUM 2004, representatives of the European National Stable Isotope Societies expressed their interest to continue JESIUM and to be involved in organising future meetings with the same broad remit.

The second JESIUM is being organised by the French Society of Stable Isotopes (SFIS) under the coordination of Jaleh Ghashghaie, and will take place in the south of France from August 31st - September 5th 2008 at the Presqu'île de Giens.
In addition to the general JESIUM goals outlined above, the specific objectives of JESIUM 2008 are:
(i) To discuss the role of isotopic measurements for a better understanding of

  • life processes
  • ecology
  • mechanisms in terms of physical chemistry, biology, circulation, evolution
  • interactions within and between ecosystems and environmental compartments
  • terrestrial and extra-terrestrial geologies
  • human activities and practices: imprint, impact and remediation
  • diagnostic and decision tools for society

(ii) To stimulate discussion and reflection on the importance of quality in measurements
(iii) To stimulate exchanges in Europe between non profit-making scientific societies and organisations promoting the use of isotopic measurements
(iv) To facilitate the creation of a formal European Federation of Associations of Stable Isotope Users.


Conference dates

31st August( 5th September 2008

Opening talk

19:30 - 20:30 in the evening (before "cocktail dinner")
Sunday 31st August 2008, evening

Title : A recent acceleration in the carbon cycle: what, where and why?
Philippe Ciais (LSCE CEA-CNRS-UVSQ, France)

Social program

Cocktail dinner (Sunday 31st August, after "opening talk" in the evening)
Trip to Porquerolles Island (Wednesday 3rd September, in the afternoon)
Conference dinner (Wednesday 3rd September, in the evening)

  • Abstract SUBMISSION dead-line is EXTENDED to 17th of MAY
  • 4th March: Start of registration
  • 1st June: Communication of oral/poster acceptance by sessions' convenors
  • 11st June: Deadline for early registration
  • 15th July: Deadline for late registration with full package guarantees